Java-Banten of Indonesia

Population: 1 million
Primary Location: Java, Indonesia
Languages: Javanese, Bahasa Indonesia


Who are the Java-Banten?

The Java-Banten live in the westernmost part of Java Island, Indonesia. Most Banten can be found in the district of Serang, in the northern part of Banten province.


Almost a quarter of the Java-Banten work in the manufacturing industry, which is widespread in the northern part of Banten province. Shoes, textiles and ceramics are produced in Tangerang. Near Serang, there is brick manufacturing and a YKK zipper factory. Anyer produces steel and plastics.

Many other Java-Banten are farmers. They grow rice, coffee, cloves, bananas and durian, a soft, "stinky" fruit with a thick, spiky shell. Other Banten people work in shops or in the tourism industry. Tourist attractions in the area include Kaibon Palace, Old Banten City and the Great Banten Mosque, which was built in 1566.

Sadly, these employment opportunities are not sufficient to support the Java-Banten. Many people have a low income or none at all. There is a high level of poverty.


The Java-Banten trace their ancestry to Muslim warriors from Cirebon, Java who used magical powers to make themselves invulnerable and to establish the Banten Sultanate in 1526. Their descendants are believed to retain this invulnerability today.


The Banten people are extremely dedicated to Islam. They are proud of many new Muslim schools that have recently been built.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the spiritual and physical health of followers of Jesus who live in Banten communities. May God protect them as they travel Indonesia's crowded roads. They also need spiritual protection. Occult activity is prevalent throughout the area, and curses may sometimes be directed against followers of Jesus.

  • Pray that more followers of Jesus would move to Java-Banten communities.

  • Pray for followers of Jesus to find ways to demonstrate God's love to the Java-Banten, creating room for the Good News.

  • Pray that Banten leaders would decide to follow Jesus, spreading the Good News throughout the Banten community.

  • Pray for an end to corruption in the province, and for economic growth to benefit the poorer people.

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Java-Banten of Indonesia

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