My wife and I are nearly the only believers in our village. Recently, however, I discovered that the Great Shepherd has at least one more sheep here.

“Nicodemus” is a fruit seller whom I used to meet daily. One day after I had bought something from him he asked me whether I was a Jesus-follower. I confirmed that I was, and he told me that he was one, too, but in secret. He asked me for some literature that would be easy to hide, so I began to give him individual pages from Bible studies, folded into the money I paid him. We couldn’t meet regularly, as our neighbors became very curious about our contact, but sometimes he would visit us at night. He was spiritually hungry and very eager to study the Injil and to pray with me, as he could never do this openly or in fellowship with others.

One night we prayed very specifically for his sister. Nicodemus had tried to share the Good News with her, but she didn’t show any interest. Together, we looked at stories in the Bible that tell about how God can do miracles. Then, believing that God would answer our prayers, we asked him to touch her heart.

A few days later I got a text message from Nicodemus, forwarded from his sister. In it she wrote that she had become a follower of Jesus. I couldn’t believe it and neither could Nicodemus. God had answered our prayers, more quickly than we ever imagined possible! It was a miracle I will never forget, and which strengthens my faith in an amazing God who answers prayer.


Prayer Points

  • Ask God for dreams and visions that will lead people like Nicodemus to follow Jesus even when there are no other Jesus-followers around them.
  • Many secret followers of Jesus feel isolated, lonely and unsure of whom to trust. Ask God to connect them with others who also follow Jesus.