A Heavy Burden

Mrs. Hena has carried a heavy burden the past few years. There is headache of financial uncertainty, as she is the sole provider for her two sons and invalid mother. Her heart is heavy, especially for her older son who is testing his boundaries with his fellow teen-aged friends. Her body is tired as she works three part-time jobs trying to scrape together enough for their needs.

Some months ago, her nephew-in-law died suddenly, leaving behind a wife with two young children, and stirring up uncomfortable feelings in Mrs. Hena as she remembered the early days of being widowed, seven years ago. In the aftermath of the funeral, Mrs. Hena confided to a believer friend that she was afraid and uncertain of what would happen to her after she died. When her friend asked if she would like to know of a way her sins could be forgiven, she said “yes,” beginning a journey of stories from the Bible looking at God’s promise and provision of a Savior.

More recently, an older bachelor in the neighbourhood approached Mrs. Hena to ask permission to “court” and eventually marry her. Feeling out of options, Mrs. Hena agreed, knowing he is a diligent worker who will help provide for her family, but embarrassed by the fact that he has a slight disability.

Prayer Points

  • Pray that Mrs. Hena and her new husband will grow in respect and love for one another, and that this marriage will be a joy to them as well as Mrs. Hena’s two sons.
  • Pray that Mrs. Hena’s heart will be open to ongoing stories from the Bible. She is still convinced of her ability to pay for her sins by her good works.