Our Vision

We want Southeast Asia's Muslims to honor God, forming worshiping communities that are true to God's Word, reflect local cultures and reproduce themselves.


Who are we?

APL is an international movement of followers of Jesus who want to honor God.


What motivates us?

Our deepest desire is to honor God—with our words and our actions—and to see others do the same.

We believe that God is most honored when people recognize Jesus as the Messiah. Yet many of the world's peoples have never heard the story of Jesus Christ. We bring the Good News to people who have never heard so that they can join us in honoring God.


What is our goal?

We want to encourage culturally-appropriate communities of Jesus-followers that:

  • Affirm and apply biblical principles
  • Wholeheartedly honor and worship God
  • Joyfully share the Good News with their neighbors and friends

We desire to see not just individual communities of faith, but whole movements of believers that share the Good News with their own people group and beyond.


What is our focus?

We have a particular concern for the 225 million Muslims of Southeast Asia.

Currently, we have APL involvement with a selection of people groups across the region (see map here).


What do we do?

We are ordinary people with ordinary jobs, families and interests. We work. We eat. We play. Some of us do it in Southeast Asia.

Like all followers of Jesus, we

  • Pray
  • Share the Good News
  • Disciple believers
  • Encourage others to follow our example—especially the millions of followers of Jesus already in Southeast Asia

We also network with like-minded followers of Jesus. Some groups focus on sharing the Good News. Others focus on inspiring and equipping Asian believers to engage their Muslim neighbors.


What is important to us?

We are passionate about our vision and desire to obey God's Word.

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