Why Abdullah Chose Jesus

My name is Abdullah. I am a Malay and I live in Southeast Asia. You know, to be a Malay is to be a Muslim. I once had a friend, Yusuf. Yusuf was not exactly the pinnacle of virtue. In fact he was a convicted criminal and spent 10 years of his life behind bars. But on his release from prison, he was a different man. His life was completely changed. He was friendly and polite. His relationship with his wife improved. He became a helpful and cheerful person.

One day, I asked him, "Yusuf, what has cased this change in you?" He smiled. Then suddenly he asked me an astonishing question: "Abdullah," he asked, "where is Isa al Masih (Jesus Christ) at present?" I answered, "Jesus is in heaven with God!" (Muslims believe that Jesus is a prophet of God. Of course, they also believe that he did not die. Rather, God rescued him from death before the crucifixion and took him up to heaven.) Yusuf smiled again and asked, "Whom would you rather follow: a dead prophet or a living one?"

I was absolutely speechless. In my heart of hearts, I knew that this was the most important question of my life. Back home, this question would not leave me alone. I mulled over it all the time. Jesus Christ is alive. If Jesus lives and is coming back again, then he must be almighty. If he is really alive, then I must put my faith in him. I can then do nothing else but follow him.

Yusuf’s wife also came to faith in Jesus. In addition, various other acquaintances in our village showed an interest in the Good News. And so it happened that we met for Bible study on a weekly basis. It was a happy and exciting time.

Then something dreadful happened. Yusuf was murdered. I was afraid that I would also be shot. I was too afraid to even leave the house. But then I remembered Jesus. He is mighty. He has power. God brought me through this dark time.

The murderer of my friend still lives in our village. He constantly observes me. Our small group does not meet for Bible study anymore. But I still serve my Jesus. However, it is very difficult to be the only follower of Jesus in my village. I implore you! Please pray for me. Sometimes I feel that I can no longer go on. The pressure is so great. Please pray for the people of Southeast Asia. They need Jesus, but they don't know that. Pray that many Muslims here will believe in Christ.


Prayer Points

  • Thank God that Abdullah and others like him have decided to follow Jesus despite persecution.
  • Pray that people in Abdullah's country would accept followers of Jesus and allow them to meet together openly for Bible study and prayer.
  • Pray that God would strengthen Abdullah and other followers of Jesus that face persecution, and help them to live without fear.