Mrs. Aminah's Journey

Mrs. Aminah lives with her family in a very simple wooden house in a bustling Southeast Asian city with a population of around 900,000. As the economy grows, many people are moving to this city to seek a better life. Mrs. Aminah and her family have found themselves in difficult circumstances, however, which have forced her and her children to beg for money on the street corner. A team in her city is focused on socio-economic and educational development and has a program, among others, to help street children and their families. Mrs. Aminah accepted help for some of the educational needs within the family, and so her two children no longer have to help her beg on the street corner.

Alvin and Kurt are local believers working in the street kids project. They went to visit Mrs. Aminah and her family to follow up. They found Mrs. Aminah quite sick with bleeding from her nose, ears and eyes. She told them that a few years previously she had been sick with the same symptoms. She also told them that she had vomited up a ball of hair and a needle had come through her skin in her stomach area. It came out that her older sister had been involved in black magic, and Mrs. Aminah herself had visited witch doctors on a number of occasions. Even though she is Muslim, she had once visited a witch doctor who called himself a Christian. During this visit the witch doctor removed all his clothes, exposing himself. This really offended her and left a bad taste in her mouth toward Christianity.

After she told her story, Alvin and Kurt had the opportunity to tell her more about Isa al Masih (Jesus), continuing on with what they had already shared during previous visits. They asked if she wanted to put her faith in Isa, but she was hesitant because of the experience with the so-called Christian witch doctor. In spite of that, she eventually told Alvin and Kurt that she really did want to follow Isa. They also prayed for her physical healing.


Prayer Points

  • Pray that the seed which has been sown will flourish into beautiful fruit and that Mrs. Aminah may grow in her relationship with Jesus. Pray against Satan and his evil ways that will seek to destroy this seed that has been planted.
  • Pray for Alvin, Kurt and other believers that will be involved in her discipleship process. It is not as simple as starting to meet with her to study the Bible. There are many difficulties, including where to meet, and what to do about her husband who has not yet heard.
  • Pray that her husband will have a chance to hear and receive as well.
  • Pray that Mrs. Aminah will experience complete healing from her illness.