Sowing Seeds of Truth

 Suzie is a little girl who was born and lives in Paddy Village. Her father works as a handyman away from home. Her mother works their small rice field.

Ad and Yan are followers of Isa Al Masih. They chose to become farmers in Paddy Village recently, just after they graduated from the state university.

As they care about the environment, they decided to plant vegetables organically. Sadly, none of the local young people have any interest in farming.  But Ad and Yan work diligently on the land. This attracts Suzie and the local children, who are bored at home, to visit Ad and Yan while they are farming.

One day Suzie asked Ad and Yan, “Are you not afraid somebody will steal your vegetables?” Then Ad and Yan heard from the other local vegetable farmers, that there are local people who often steal their neighbours’ vegetables. So Ad and Yan told Suzie and the other children who visited them that God can see everything and knows everything. That is why we should not take anything which belongs to other people, because God sees and knows everything that we do, even when no one else can see.

The other day Suzie’s mother visited Ad and Yan. Eventually she confessed to Ad, “I actually wanted to pick just a little bit of your vegetables yesterday, just to make some soup. But my daughter Suzie told me that I should not do that. I told her that it was all right to take some, because none of you were there. Then Suzie told me that God would see what I was doing. So I did not take your vegetables. You are right, God knows everything."