Sowing Seeds of Truth

Suzie is a little girl who was born and lives in Paddy Village. Her father works as a handyman away from home. Her mother works their small rice field.

Ad and Yan are followers of Isa Al Masih. They chose to become farmers in Paddy Village recently, just after they graduated from the state university.

As they care about the environment, they decided to plant vegetables organically. Sadly, none of the local young people have any interest in farming.  But Ad and Yan work diligently on the land. This attracts Suzie and the local children, who are bored at home, to visit Ad and Yan while they are farming.

One day Suzie asked Ad and Yan, “Are you not afraid somebody will steal your vegetables?” Then Ad and Yan heard from the other local vegetable farmers, that there are local people who often steal their neighbours’ vegetables. So Ad and Yan told Suzie and the other children who visited them that God can see everything and knows everything. That is why we should not take anything which belongs to other people, because God sees and knows everything that we do, even when no one else can see.

The other day Suzie’s mother visited Ad and Yan. Eventually she confessed to Ad, “I actually wanted to pick just a little bit of your vegetables yesterday, just to make some soup. But my daughter Suzie told me that I should not do that. I told her that it was all right to take some, because none of you were there. Then Suzie told me that God would see what I was doing. So I did not take your vegetables. You are right, God knows everything.”


Breaking up the hard ground

Agus and Juli graduated in Agriculture from a state university.  They decided they would work as organic farmers in Paddy Village.  During the first two months they had to work so hard, as the soil was so wet and heavy.  When they tried to turn over the soil with a hoe, it was so sticky that the hoe would get stuck in the ground.  They felt so discouraged - could anything ever grow in such unpromising soil?  However they tried to make the soil looser, by mixing into it many different kinds of compost.  Then they sowed vegetable seeds, for example varieties of spinach.  In fact the spinach did grow, but the roots were longer than the stalks! What could they do?  They asked the Creator to grow patience and strength in their hearts, and to give them a good harvest.

Gradually they began to realize that the solid ground was indeed becoming lighter and looser to work.  The spinach plants were sprouting taller above the ground.  By harvest season this resistant ground yielded 140kg of vegetables and salad.  The soil is now fertile, rich and ready to be productive.

 This hard ground reflects the hearts of the people in Paddy Village.  Please ask the Creator to continue to work by His Spirit, softening their hearts to receive the good seed of the Word of God.


Pray for Muslims

  • Thank God for his promise that one day, people from every people group, nation, tribe and tongue will worship God (Revelation 7:9). Praise God that this promise includes the 130+ Muslim people groups of Southeast Asia.
  • Pray that Muslims in Southeast Asia would meet followers of Jesus and hear the true stories of the one the Qur'an calls Isa al Masih.
  • Pray that God would speak to Muslims in dreams and visions and demonstrate his power through miracles.
  • Pray that Muslims would have opportunities to hear and understand the Good News.

Pray for Muslims who want to follow Jesus

  • Pray that Muslims who follow Jesus would share the Good News with their friends and relatives.
  • Pray that they would persevere in their faith despite hardship and persecution.
  • Pray that they would trust God to provide for all their material and spiritual needs, and would distance themselves from occult activity and deceitful practices.
  • Pray that God would establish communities of believers who worship God in culturally and Biblically appropriate ways, care for one another and reach out to their own people group and beyond.

Pray for followers of Jesus engaging cross-culturally

  • Pray that more followers of Jesus would move to Muslim communities in Southeast Asia.
  • Pray that God would provide followers of Jesus in Muslim communities with everything they need: health, safety, jobs, income, devotion to God, language ability, cultural sensitivity, love for Muslims, acceptance in their community, wisdom, boldness and joy.
  • Pray that these followers of Jesus would be effective in communicating the Good News cross-culturally, reaching the hearts and minds of their listeners.

Pray for Southeast Asian followers of Jesus

There are many followers of Jesus in Southeast Asia. For historical and cultural reasons, however, they often do not serve their Muslim neighbors.

  • Pray that local believers would become aware of the spiritual and physical needs of their Muslim neighbors.
  • Pray that local believers would make friends with their Muslim neighbors, boldly and sensitively sharing the Good News and providing practical help where possible.
  • Pray that the wounds of persecution and oppression that many followers of Jesus have experienced will heal, and that hurt, fear and anger would be replaced by forgiveness, compassion and love.