Breaking Up the Hard Ground

Agus and Juli graduated in Agriculture from a state university.  They decided they would work as organic farmers in Paddy Village.  During the first two months they had to work so hard, as the soil was so wet and heavy.  When they tried to turn over the soil with a hoe, it was so sticky that the hoe would get stuck in the ground.  They felt so discouraged - could anything ever grow in such unpromising soil?  However they tried to make the soil looser, by mixing into it many different kinds of compost.  Then they sowed vegetable seeds, for example varieties of spinach.  In fact the spinach did grow, but the roots were longer than the stalks! What could they do?  They asked the Creator to grow patience and strength in their hearts, and to give them a good harvest.

Gradually they began to realize that the solid ground was indeed becoming lighter and looser to work.  The spinach plants were sprouting taller above the ground.  By harvest season this resistant ground yielded 140kg of vegetables and salad.  The soil is now fertile, rich and ready to be productive.

This hard ground reflects the hearts of the people in Paddy Village.  Please ask the Creator to continue to work by His Spirit, softening their hearts to receive the good seed of the Word of God.