Islam in Southeast Asia

  • Over 225 million Muslims call Southeast Asia home.
  • They represent 40% of the population of Southeast Asia.
  • And 20% of Muslims worldwide.

While all Muslims have basic beliefs in common, Islamic practices vary between ethnic groups. Southeast Asia has more than 130 distinct Muslim people groups. Each group expresses Islam using its own language, traditions and culture. The best way to learn about Islam in a particular people group is to make friends with Muslims and ask what being Muslim means to them.

For most Muslims, Islam is an essential part of their cultural identity. For instance, most Malays believe that "To be Malay is to be Muslim." Religion is not a choice. It's a fact of life.

The good news is that Muslims can follow Jesus while fulfilling some of the highest ideals of Islam:

  • Complete submission to the one true God
  • High moral values
  • Loving their family
  • Practicing hospitality
  • Helping the poor


Yet most Muslims have never heard the story of Jesus Christ. Your prayers can make a difference. Please take a moment to read about some of the unreached Muslim people groups of Southeast Asia. Then pray and discover other ways to get involved.