Madura of Indonesia

Population: 13.5 million
Primary Location: Madura and East Java, Indonesia
Languages: Madurese, Bahasa Indonesia


Who are the Madura?

The Madura are the third largest people group in Indonesia, making up 7% of Indonesia's population.


The Madura on Madura Island emphasize livestock production. They raise sheep, goats and cattle, some of the latter for export to Java. Madura in East Java often work as merchants, selling cows, goats and other items at East Java's traditional markets.


The Madura are known for anger and violence. They may seek blood revenge when offenses are committed against them, especially when adultery, cattle theft or public loss of face are involved. Blood revenge is exacted through the practice of carok with a sickle-shaped knife. A carok attack is usually fatal.

At kerapan sapi, Madura bull races, contestants use sorcery and magic to gain advantage over their rivals. A bull's worth increases greatly if it wins races and owning a champion bull can be very lucrative.

The Madura conscientiously maintain their traditional roots and are suspicious of modernization, fearing that western influence will draw them into immorality and away from God.


The Madura practice Sunni Islam. Particularly devoted Madura who observe the Five Pillars and go on the Pilgrimage to Mecca, receive special honor in the eyes of their community.


Prayer Points

  • Indonesians are often prejudiced against the Madura, saying that they are violent and uneducated. Madura in cities are relegated to menial jobs and physical labor. Pray that the Madura would come to know a God who values them and a Savior who gives them hope.

  • The Madura have a reputation for anger and violence. Pray that Indonesian followers of Jesus will overcome their fear and boldly share the Good News.

  • The primary goal of many Madura people is "to be a good Muslim." Pray that their religious commitment would lead them to life in Christ.

  • Pray that Madura followers of Jesus would worship God and share the Good News despite the opposition they may face. Pray that God would build communities of faith among the Madura.

  • Pray that God himself would shepherd and teach Madura followers of Jesus, many of whom have no contact with followers of Jesus from other ethnic groups.

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