My Experience in Southeast Asia

Dominic recently took a few weeks to visit Southeast Asia. He writes that it was hard to

see how [Muslims in Southeast Asia] really want to please God but they don't know him.

But he was thankful for the opportunity to

see the hunger of the local people for God.

Dominic also learned that followers of Jesus can share Good News with Muslims in a way that respects local cultures.

[Before going to Southeast Asia], I was afraid that people who come to belief to Christ, that they have to become western people. That they have to change their culture to the western culture... This was always very sad for me, because I love foreign cultures and...I'm very very sure that God doesn't want to change all cultures to the western culture... During my time in [Southeast Asia] I've learned a lot and got answers to my questions... I recognized that...[the way followers of Jesus are engaging Muslims in Southeast Asia] meets my concerns about the local cultures!

Dominic also learned:

  • To be braver telling the gospel
  • To be more self confident
  • To be more interested and concerned in the spiritual condition and life of people
  • To be more aware of the spiritual battle

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