Mariam’s Story

Mariam doesn't want your Jesus.

Mariam is like many other Muslims in Southeast Asia. She likes to shop. She watches TV. She works hard. She loves her family.

Mariam is religious, too. She believes in one God and that there is right and wrong. Mariam prays, fasts and gives money to the poor. She hopes one day she will go to heaven. Like many Muslims, Mariam is not far from the Kingdom of God.

But Mariam does not know about Jesus, and she doesn't want to know.

Mariam has been taught that Christians are misguided, immoral people, eating pork, sleeping around, worshiping three gods and making war when God loves peace. She is also convinced that the Bible has been corrupted and cannot be trusted.

Mariam has met a few Christians, but no one from her people group.

Mariam might be surprised to discover how much she has in common with followers of Jesus. If she had the chance to meet one, she might see that followers of Jesus are not immoral people, but have a healthy sense of right and wrong. They, too, try to eat, dress and act in a way that pleases God. They, too, want peace and help the poor.

If Mariam met a follower of Jesus, she might be surprised to learn that they, like her, worship only one God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. If Mariam heard the story of Jesus, she might discover that she is drawn to his message. She might learn that the Qur'an talks about Jesus, too, and that she can follow Jesus without adopting a Western culture in place of her own.

If Mariam met a follower of Jesus, she might see, hear and experience God's love. This might change her life forever.

But will Mariam ever have this opportunity?

What would it take for Mariam and others like her to embrace the Good News?

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