What needs to be done?

For Southeast Asia's Muslims to embrace the Good News, someone needs to:

  • Pray. Want to help Muslims honor God? You can start right now. Pray that God would send followers of Jesus to live in Muslim communities and demonstrate God's love through words and actions. Pray that Muslims would put aside their preconceptions, suspicions and fear long enough to see, hear and experience God's love. There are also other ways to pray.

  • Make friends with Muslims. How will Muslims hear the Good News unless they meet sincere believers? Unfortunately, many Muslims are suspicious of followers of Jesus. By living conspicuously moral, godly lives and loving others well, we can break down barriers that keep people from hearing the Good News.

  • Demonstrate God's love by living and working among Muslims. We can use our professional skills to help the communities we live in. We can also show God's love by practicing hospitality.

  • Share the Good News in a way that our neighbors can understand. Many of Southeast Asia's Muslims think that the Good News is only for people of other ethnic groups. When we use the local language and cultural terms to share God's story, our friends can see that it's Good News for them, too. We can explain that they can follow Jesus without adopting a foreign culture in place of their own.

  • Help new believers learn what it means to follow Jesus. We can encourage them to meet together and support one another as well as to share the Good News with their relatives and friends.

  • Inspire others to make friends with Muslims. Southeast Asia is home to 225 million Muslims. Less than 1% have decided to follow Jesus. Who will share the Good News with all the rest? God uses people from around the world – people like you. But God also uses the millions of followers of Jesus from other ethnic groups already living in Southeast Asia. It is part of our mission to encourage, empower and equip these local believers to share the Good News with their Muslim neighbors.

Want to get involved?
Pray or go to Southeast Asia.

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